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Rockport Music in the News


03/25/11 Her voice comes shining through [Boston Globe]

03/24/11 Singer returns to Shalin Liu as headliner [Gloucester Daily Times]

03/13/11 Letter: Bravo to Rockport’s school music programs [Gloucester Daily Times]

03/12/11 Video: Buildings that work [Chronicle, Channel 5]

03.12.11 ‘Chronicle’ spotlight falls on Shalin Liu hall [Gloucester Daily Times]

03/10/11 ‘Guitar Hero’ does chamber music [Gloucester Daily Times]

03/08/11 Rockport Chamber fest marks 30 years [Boston Globe]

03/05/11 Burger leaving Rockport Music’s lead role [Gloucester Daily Times]

03/04/11 A busier second year at Shalin Liu [Gloucester Daily Times]

03/03/11 Local high school bands to compete in Berklee jazz festival [Boston Globe]

03/02/11 Rockport opens talks on downtown master plan [Gloucester Daily Times]

03/01/11 Rockport students bring NYC musical fruits to Shalin Liu [Gloucester Daily Times]

02/28/11 Rockport students bring NYC musical fruits to Shalin Liu [Gloucester Daily Times]

02/15/11 To do list [Boston Globe]

02/14/11 Chamber Grammy winners familiar to Rockport fans [Gloucester Daily Times]

02/13/11 Globe North best bets [Boston Globe]

02/11/11 Rockport Ramblings: Carlson's Quarry shot picked as town report ... [Gloucester Daily Times]

02/10/11 Yesterday's not gone: British '60s duo invades Rockport tonight ... [Gloucester Daily Times]

02/10/11 Other weekend attractions at the Shalin Liu ins Rockport ... [Gloucester Daily Times]

02/09/11 Nixon opera on the big screen: Shalin Liu hosts simulcast of ... [Gloucester Daily Times]

02/09/11 To do list [Boston Globe]

02/07/11 Brackett's growth is all in the family [Gloucester Daily Times]

02/02/11 To do list [Boston Globe]

01/27/11 Mark Your Calendar [Boston Globe]

01/26/11 So cold they're hot: Musicians bring jazz to Shalin Liu [Gloucester Daily Times]

01/22/11 To do list [Boston Globe]

01/20/11 Wine to go with song at Shalin Liu: Rockport Music gets annual ... [Gloucester Daily Times]

01/19/11 When art and music meet: Program at Shalin Liu explores ... [Gloucester Daily Times]

01/13/11 Did You Know (Shalin Liu) [Good Morning, Gloucester]

01/07/11 Classical Notes: Rockport Music springs into action at Shalin Liu [Boston Globe]

01/07/11 Rockport Restaurant Update from Peter Webber [Good Morning, Gloucester]

01/06/11 Mark your calendar [Boston Globe]

01/06/11 A Plea for Help [Good Morning, Gloucester]

01/05/11 Celtic to Aussie 'cabaret': Rockport Music's winter season covers ... [Gloucester Daily Times]

01/02/11 Rockport Music Announces Winter/Spring Events [Good Morning, Gloucester]

12/29/10 A Tank Away: Gloucester: Gloucester is more than sea and sand [Boston Globe]

12/27/10 New Year’s Rockport Eve rocks in 2011 [Cape Ann Beacon]

12/26/10 Jeremy Eichler’s picks for the top classical music performances of 2010 [Boston Globe]

12/26/10 Classical music around Boston in 2010 according to critic Jeremy Eichler [Boston Globe]

12/20/10 Rockport’s Pageant has been Approved… [Good Morning, Gloucester]

12/19/10 Best of the new: diversions [Boston Globe]

12/17/10 Weekend Picks… [Good Morning, Gloucester]

12/15/10 Free Screening Of Christmas Movie Filmed and Set In Rockport [Good Morning, Gloucester]

12/14/10 Charlie Brown in Rockport Tonight (sort of) [Good Morning, Gloucester]