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Tuesday, August 21, 8 pm

Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three


From St. Louis, Missouri, Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three offer a wonderfully infectious mix of early jazz, string ragtime, country blues, and western swing – all laid down in front of a big swingin’ beat. Led by guitar-plucking troubadour Pokey LaFarge, the group achieves timelessness with original songs while honoring the legendary artists of yesteryear and spreading the joy of early American music to the masses. Come hear for yourself why Pokey and his crew continue their rise as premier tradition-bearers, musicians, songwriters, and entertainers.


“…LaFarge lays down a rock-steady rhythm on his parlor guitar with a business-like right-hand technique—a deceptively simple approach that relies heavily on the thumb, index, and middle fingers—which gives archtop guitarist Adam Hoskins plenty of room for his Gypsy-jazz-influenced lead lines.”

-Mark Smith, Acoustic Guitar (Dec., 2011)


“…ferocious, a concentrate of some of his musical heroes, from Bill Monroe’s keen musicianship to Woody Guthrie’s way with storytelling.”

- James Reed, The Boston Globe (Oct. 23, 2011)


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Tickets: $31, $41, $52

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