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Saturday, June 2 , 8 pm

Leo Kottke

Presented by M.E. Productions


Solo acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke is a walking contradiction. In conversation he is slow talking, thoughtful almost to distraction. Yet when he picks up a steel-stringed guitar, his fingers race across the strings with uncommon speed, developing a deep, churning groove that can at times sound like several people playing at once. He seems to play guitar at 78 rpm, yet he speaks at 33. Now 65 years young, Leo Kottke has recorded over 30 albums that showcase his barnstorming fretwork and quirky songwriting. He is truly a master of the guitar whose playing has influenced generations of musicians and listeners, and he still tours the country relentlessly, playing his 6 and 12-stringed guitars for appreciative audiences ranging from New England to Southern California, from Brisbane to Berlin.

Kottke has also built a jam-band type following having collaborated with Phish’s Mike Gordon for some albums & tours. His fan faves include “June Bug”, “Pamela Brown”, “Julie’s House”, “Pepe Hush” and “Jack Gets Up”.

After four decades of recording and touring, Kottke has earned a legendary status in the music world. Most anyone who has played an acoustic guitar has heard of him. He may never have a #1 hit on commercial radio, but millions of people world-wide have bought Kottke’s records and, as one critic remarked, “think he’s the cats pajamas.”


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