Artistic Director
David Deveau

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Our Mission

The Rockport Chamber Music Festival is dedicated to the presentation of chamber and solo music performed by the finest musicians and ensembles available. It is the intent of the Festival to perform music of many countries, written in diverse styles and periods including the music created by composers of our time while maintaining a strong base in the classical tradition.

The Festival recognizes the importance of making chamber music accessible to audiences from diverse musical backgrounds and will give attention to the creation of opportunities for chamber music education to encourage broad appreciation of the art. The Festival will also support the performance of chamber and solo music by younger musicians and will provide performance opportunities for the best of these emerging artists.

Educational Outreach

As part of our mission to introduce new audiences—especially young people—to the pleasures of chamber music, and to deepen the appreciation of regular concertgoers, the Festival has presented several lecture series over the years. “Chamber Music Unbuttoned,” a panel discussion/demonstration program, was first enthusiastically received in 2000. This interesting and informative series has continued, and will be featured in coming years.

Family Concerts are also presented on one Saturday morning each Festival season. During the school year, the Educational Outreach Committee works closely with local schools to present special instructional music programs to students at all grade levels.



Board of Directors and Officers

Thomas Burger

Vice chairs
Carol Ackerman
Philip D. Cutter

Janice Cane

Marion Sanders

Peter Andersen
James Barker
Barbara Brackett, ex officio
William Brainard
Mollie Byrnes
Amnon Goldman
Susan Gray
Gwendolyn Hadden
Mimi Harper
William Hausman
Mary Hintlian
Mike Pardee
Robert Randolph
Cameron Smith
Helen Soussou
John Sparks
Joan Tschalaer
Silvio Vazquez

Artistic Director
David Deveau

General Manager
Kristen Bowes